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Dog Walking

We operate within a small area – we don’t agree with traveling miles with dogs during collections. There are a sensible number of dogs walked per session so that we have total safe control. We have no aggressive dogs – they’re all of excellent temperament (we’ve refused hundreds).

We walk in all weathers except for snow. We actually walk dogs, as opposed to standing around throwing balls! Dogs are towel dried in winter and we always make sure they have water. During summer months, walks are part shaded to prevent dogs from overheating.

We have a fully caged van, are vet recommended and are fully insured. If we need to collect or deliver a dog when an owner is absent, we are extremely responsible with your home security.

We care about the dogs we walk and we treat them as our own. We take this job very seriously. Our reputation is excellent and we have countless testimonials available to support it.

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